The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar is the assembly of the Bishops of Myanmar exercising together certain pastoral offices for Christ’s faithful in the whole of Myanmar. The Conference includes various commissions, agencies, councils and other bodies to serve the country with her people.  Day to day operations are overseen by a secretariat.  The Conference enables the Bishops to exchange views and share their wisdom and experience in order to promote the common good of the Church in Myanmar. The current membership comprises 17 active Bishops and auxiliary Bishops of the dioceses of Myanmar.
    The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar seeks to build
effective consensus among the Bishops, thereby contributing to the unity of the Church in communion with the Holy See. Through its links with the Church in neighboring countries and across the world, it strengthens and enriches efforts to increase faith and proclaim the Gospel message to all nations. At the same time, the Conference fully respects the personal authority, responsibility and ministry of each individual bishop within his own diocese.

President                     Bishop Felix Lian Khen Thang
Vice-President             Bishop John Hsane Hgyi
Secretary General        Bishop John Saw Yaw Han
Secretary Treasurer      Archbishop Charles Cardinal Bo, SDB
Substitute Member       Bishop Stephen Tjephe
Members:                     Archbishop Nicholas Mang Thang
                                    Archbishop Basilio Athai
                                Bishop Issac Danu
                                    Bishop Peter Louis Ca Ku
                                    Bishop Raymond Saw Po Ray
                                    Bishop Francis Daw Tang
                                    Bishop Peter Hla
                                    Bishop Raymond Sumlut Gam
                                    Bishop Jusitn Saw Min Thide    
                                    Bishop Alexander Pyone Cho
                                    Bishop Philip Lasap Za Hawng
                                    Bishop Lucius Hre Kung