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The Society of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) was founded in Amiens, France in 1820 by Marie Madeleine d’Houet (1781—1858). It had its origin in Amiens, France, during the night of Holy Thursday in 1820. Since then, the Society has spread to 17 countries.  On January 9th 2009, the FCJ Sisters started a new mission in Myanmar.

FCJ Sisters are called to follow Jesus in faithfulness, to stand at the foot of the cross with Mary and the holy women and there, to become one with Christ in his thirst for the coming of the reign of God. Strong in companionship with Jesus and with each other we work together in the service of the Church to build the body of Christ. FCJ Sisters live Ignatian Spirituality and seek to find God in all people, in all places and in all things.

The essence of our mission as Faithful Companions of Jesus is to be with Jesus in his mission. As the FCJ Constitutions state, we are called,  Like Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church, and like the holy women, messengers of the Good News, we are sent to proclaim the Truth, Jesus who is alive and lives among us, who is Son of God and Saviour of the world.  Mission is the whole of our lives given in service: it is not only what we do but more importantly who we are.  Wherever we are and whatever our work, we are sent and our mission is to be faithful companions of Jesus.

Where We Minister
We are now widely spread living in the Province of Asia Australia (Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Australia), the Province of the Americas, (Canada, USA, Bolivia, and Argentina) the Province of Europe, (Ireland, Britain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Romania). We also minister in Sudan, Africa. We are united in heart and mind, committed to living our charism of faithful companionship with Jesus and are enriched by our cultural diversity and internationality.   


1. Sr. Marion Dooley                 16 December 1953     (Superior/Final Profession)                                         
2. Sr. Agnes Rosliana Samosir   30 January 1969        (Final Profession)  
3. Sr. Fransisca Arti Setiati        6 October 1974          (Temporary Profession)

Level of Education
Sr. Marion Dooley                  MA Spirituality / MA Education
Sr. Agnes Rosliana Samosir    MA Christian Spirituality
Sr. Fransisca Arti Setiati         MA Theology