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MF - Missionaries of Faith Fathers

Brief History of Missionaries of Faith  Fathers (MF)

    The religious Congregation of Missionaries of Faith was born from the inspiration of the foundress Mother Anna Maria Andreani. Born in Bergamo, Italy in August 19, 1933, Mother Andreani entered Carmellite in 1964. Following her encountering with some priests in difficulty and crisis, she’s got an inspiration to help the priests in difficulties. This initial inspiration was realized through forming a community of priests who, by living an intense life of religious consecration, were prepared to help spiritually to help the priests in difficulties. Throughout the years from 1972 to 1980, various bishops have established the first communities of Missionaries of Faith as pious association. Fr. Luigi Duilio Graziotti, a close collaborator of Mother Andreani, became the co-founder of the congregation. In December 25, 1982, the Clerical Congregation of Missionaries of Faith was canonically instituted as a religious congregation with diocesan right by the late Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, Archbishop of Geneva. The Congregation of Missionaries of Faith is spread in the various countries of Italy, America, Venezuela, Antilles, Samoa, New Zealand, Philippines, India, Myanmar, Vietnam. There are altogether (137) religious priest members in the congregation. The vice-province of Myanmar MF communities have altogether (6) priests, (2)  deacons. (8) Myanmar MF priests are giving their service in Italy. Since its official establishment in Loikaw Diocese of Myanmar in April (25), 1999, the Missionaries of Faith have two parish communities. The congregation has its formation house at St. Peter’s Formation House, Doungankha, Loikaw Diocese.

Charism of the Congregation

    The Missionaries of Faith (Fathers) are called to the service and ministry devoted to help the brethren, especially the priests, to persevere in the Catholic faith and in the tasks that pertain to it, to enliven one’s life of faith if it is languishing, to find it again if it has become lost, to reach its full profession if it is only partially accepted.
Spirituality of Congregation
·    Living a life of total abandonment and radical detachment necessary for a true and constant state of filial acceptance of the will of the heavenly Father and profound union with Him in Jesus Christ through the action of the Holy Spirit.
·    Living the faith with richness and depth through the profession of the evangelical counsels, uniting to the mission of Christ who is the first Apostle and High Priest of the Father.
·    Having devotion to “Mary, Queen of Confessors”, a witness of total abandonment in faith.