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OAD - Mission of the Oad order of the Discalced Augustinans

Mission of the oad Order of the Discalced Augustinans  (Priests and brothers)

        The order of the Discalced Augustinians are a Roman Catholic Monastic Order of men religious and priests. A Religious Order which in the 15 century an offshoot from the Augustinian hermit and living to a guide to religious life known as the Rule of St Augustine. As is well known, St Augustine of Hippo, founder of the first Religious Order of the Church; the Doctors of the Church and the greatest of the Fathers of the Church. After his conversion, he returned home and established a Christian 35; Discourse 356:1-2)

        We're founded in Italy and fruit of the desired spiritual renewal in the Augustinian Order and of the Church. Our Charisma, as Discalced Augustinians, on the example of St. Augustine and of the first Augustinian community of Thagaste, we proposed with the help of God's grace to realize the perfection of evangelical love, searching and sharing in common, on a peculiar interior attitude of humility: "To serve the Most High in Spirit of Humility".

        The OAD emphasized fidelity to the Gospel and the Rule of St Augustine and we placed special emphasis on Contemplation and Action, love for unity, community prayer, conversion, mortification, poverty, detachment and simplicity of life. The Order has made a very significant missionary contribution to Christianity as well as establishing educational and charitable institutions throughout the world.   

        In Myanmar (Burma), the Augustinian presence begun through out  the 17th century: Fr Sebastian Manrique, Augustinian in Arakan; Augustinians in Syriam and Martaban (See the brief history of the Catholic
Church in Myanmar, p. 11). Now the presence is revived, with he Mission of OAD, started September 14, 2008. His Grace Archbishop Charles Bo, welcomed the mission on the same month and year and still going on. Thanks to God's Providence and all the supports of all the OAD mission partner.