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OFM - Order of Friars Minor

Congregation    :    Order of Friars Minor (ofm)
Superior    :    Fr. Francis John
                    St. Francis Convent
                    10, 6 ward, Bo Hmu Ba Htoo Road
                    East Dagon, Yangon.
Tel    :    01-584229
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  (Popularly known as Dominicans)

Founder:     St. Dominic De Guzman (1170-1221)

In 1190, Dominic was appointed to the canonry at Osma, Spain while pursuing theological studies. In 1195, Dominic De Guzman was ordained to the priesthood. During 1203, Dominic accompanied his Bishop Deigo to the Marches in the Languedoc region for a royal wedding.  It was there that they were struck by the spread of falsehood of Albigensianism, which considered all material things to be evil.  Then Dominic realised the need for good preaching of the Catholic faith and eventually for a worldwide Order of Preachers.
        While at Toulouse, Dominic stayed up all night until he had persuaded the innkeeper to accept the true faith. Saint Dominic was a man who drew his strength and his wisdom from a profound prayer life; he was said to have always been either talking to God or talking about God.
        In July 22, 1206, Dominic established the monastery of nuns at Prouille, France. On December 22, 1216, Pope Honorius III granted Dominic the Papal Bull of Confirmation and from the same Pope, Dominic had obtained explicitly and officially, an Order which would be called an “Order of Preachers”.
The mission of the Order is to proclaim the Word of God by preaching and teaching with example, while sustained by life in common.

        Dominican spirituality is centered in the Word of God; “Contemplare et Contemplata aliis  tradere - Give to others the fruits of one’s contemplation.”

        The twofold motto of the Order of Preachers; VERITAS, in a world hungering for truth; and CARITAS, the equally urgent need for human compassion and mercy.  Together with all peoples of good will and in dialogue with them, we seek God wherever truth may be found. We encounter this truth through the good creation God has made, through his presence in human history, and above all by his becoming human in Jesus Christ. And it’s by all means worth to praise, to bless and to preach; Laudare, Benedicare, and Praedicare.

        Living a common life of prayer and study, our faith is nourished and we are moved to communicate what we have contemplated to others, and to encourage them to contemplate with us the mystery of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
        The Order of Preachers is composed of men and women of four branches: friars, who may be priests or brothers; cloistered nuns; sisters; and laity. Dominic de Guzman was called to ministry in the universal Church. His followers have proclaimed the Gospel to the people around the world.
        After almost 8th century of its existence in the history of the Church, the Order finally landed in the golden land of Myanmar, Yangon, with the supportive acceptance of His Excellency Charles Bo, SDB, Archbishop of Yangon Diocese, as officially announced on the feast day of St. Dominic, August 8, 2011.

        It’s indeed an experience of love in friendship with the Lord and of neighbors.