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S D P - Sisters of Providence

History of Sisters of Providence (SdP)

    It has been founded by St. Luigi Scrosoppi in Udine, North Italy. St. Gaetano is the protector of the Congregation. It’s a Pontifical Congregation.

    In the year 1837, 1st February evening, there were nine young girls had made their vows in the presence of St. Luigi. They offered their personal jewelries for the poor and consecrated their whole lives.

    1.    To take care the children especially the poor and needy in education,
    2.    To take care the sick and aged
    3.    To involve in the Evangelization and apostolic works

The visions of the founder are:
    -    to reflect on the life of Jesus who was poorly born in Bethlehem,
    -    to focus on the obedience of Jesus of Nazareth,
    -    the humility of Jesus in the service of others,
    -    to visit to the Blessed Sacrament

“Charity, Charity, save souls, save them with charity”

    -    to be a good mother, a good guide, a good shepherd.