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S J A - Sisters of St. Joseph of the Appratition


The congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition was founded by Saint Emilie de Vialar at Gaillac (Tarn) in 1832.

According to the account she gives of her interior life, Emilie de Vialar received at an early age the inspiration to respond to God’s prevenient love by a generous love towards him.

Caught up and enlightened by God, she resolved to give herself wholeheartedly to him and to follow the attraction with which He inspired her of practicing charity towards her neighbour.
In fact, the practice of this charity towards all and the very keen feeling she experienced for the foreign missions convinced her of her vocation. God was calling her to found a missionary “Work”, which wouldserve the interests of His glory and bring solace and relief to her neighbour.
Filled with zeal for the accomplishment of what she believed to be God’s will, and confident in his Providence, she gathered together her first Sisters on Christmas Night, 1832. After Algeria, which was her first mission, she founded other houses in quick succession, sending her Sisters to the most far-off mission lands.
Mgr. de Gualy, Archbishop of Albi, approved the “Rule of the house of Gaillac” in January, 1834, and the First Constitutions on 16th December, 1853.
The Degree of Praise, given on 6th May, 1842, established the Congregation as an Institute of Pontifical Right. Its Constitutions were approved by the Holy See in 1862 and definitively confirmed by a second Decree on 4th January, 1910.
The French State recognized the Congregation on 17th December, 1855, thus giving it legal existence in France. Its revised Statutes were approved in a new Decree on 10th May, 1969.
Emilie de Vialar was beatified by Pope Pius XII on 18th June, 1939, and canonized by him on 24th June, 1951.
In 1847, 17th June, 15 years after the Foundation of the Congregation, our Foundress sent 6 sisters to Myanmar in response to the request made by Msgr. Cerreti OMV who was the Vicar Apostolic in Burma. The pioneer sisters of religious in Burma started in Moulmein by taking care of orphans and with the education of young people.
We now have (30) houses in our Myanmar province:We have 175 Sisters in Myanmar.  At present, our Spiritual Family (SJA) consists over (859) Sisters of (33) nationalities in (26) Countries living in (158) Communities throughout the (5) Continents. Some of our missions were founded by Saint Emilie herself. Others were opened after her death and in recent years.
The congregation of the sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition is committed to “BEING A PRESENCE” through: - education, catechizing, teaching, tailoring, the care of the sick and orphans, the poor, social and pastoral work. It is also involved in working for RVA,  HIV-AIDS.
The province of Myanmar has established its delegation in the Philippines since 1995.