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SFX - Brothers of St. Fancis Xavier

The Brief History of Congregation of the Little Brothers of  St. Francis Xavier

    When Bishop Bigandet had founded the indigenous Congregation of the sister of  St. Francis Xavier to take care of the girls' school in 1874, he expressed the wish of seeing one day a similar indigenous Congregation of Brothers come into existence in order to care for the boys' Schools of the Mission. and added: When will this idea be in reality? Many years, unfortunately, elapsed before the idea was indeed taken up.

    At long last, however, it was God's providence we must say that when a Major Seminarian called Joannes Maung Ngnunt, from the Major Seminary in Penaing Malaysia, changed his priestly vocation of religious life, Bishop Provost took this opportunity, realizing the necessity of such a Congregation, began to make plans for its foundation in 1934. Many a time he spoke of it to members of the clergy, and tried to start it, first at Moulmein, then at Thonze, Danbie, Kanazogon and Myaungmya. But each time, for some reason or other, the attempt failed.
    In December 1941, Bishop Provost finally decided to entrust the formation of the Brothers to the staff of the Seminary; in the next year on the 1st of January 1942 with one man named Joannes Maung Ngnunt, the Congregation was founded and the nomination was given as the Congregation of St. Francis Xavier. It was Mawlamyine itself. A Major Seminarian Joannes Maung Ngnunt was given the name Paschal and he become Bro. Paschal as he made 1st profession in June 1947. It was Bro. Paschal the very first candidate of our Congregation of St. Franxxis Xavier.
We are, in this present time in 2010-
    -    Professed Brothers    …    82
    -    Novices                  …    12
    -    Postulants                …    5   
    -    Aspirants                …    20
    -    Communities in Myanmar     …    29
Our Charism…

Preaching and witnessing the Gospel
the good News in all aspects

As times passed and our Congregation was transferred to Mauanchaung, Pathein.

Our Motto    …    Word and deed- Ore et opere