2. Episcopal Commission for Seminaries
  1. Major Seminary, Institute of Theology  – Msgr. Charles Bo
  2. Major Seminary, Institute of Philosophy–Msgr. Paul Grawng & Msgr. Nicholas Mang Thang
  3. Major Seminary, Institute of Spiritual Year–Msgr. Matthias U Shwe & Msgr. Basilio Athai

Episcopal Commission for Clergy
- Msgr. Stephen Tjephe
        Coordinator    Fr. Hgyinus Myint Soe
        Secretary        Fr. John Saw Yaw Han
        Address          St. Joseph's Catholic Major Seminary
                                14, Malikha Rd, Mayangone P.O
        Tel:                  01-662771/660182
        Email:            sjcms.pegu@gmail.com
  1. Office for On-going Formation - Msgr. Stephen Tjephe
  2. Office for Formation for Formators- Msgr. Paul Grawng
      1.         Director                          Michael McGuire (S.S.C)
                Graduate Chairman    Fr. Simon Tin Maung
                Tel:                                  0949310992
                Email:                          simontinmaung@gmail.com
                Registrar                     Fr. Cyprian Aung Win
                Address                       CBCM, 292 (A) Pyay Road
                                                      Sanchaung P.O, Yangon 11111

Episcopal Commission for Consecrated Life
    Msgr. Justin Saw Min Thide
  1. Office for Men Religious
  2. Office for Women Religious
  3. Office for Lay Apostolic Life

Episcopal Commission for Catechesis and Catechists (for Faith Formation) - Msgr. Sotero Phamo
  1. Office for Catechists 
  2. Office for Catechism (for Faith Formation)

6. Episcopal Commission for Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue
– Msgr. Charles Bo

a). Office for Ecumenism
Msgr. John Hsane Hgyi

        Secretary         Fr. Joseph Maung Win
        Address          CBCM, 292 (A) Pyay Road
                                 Sanchaung P.O
        Tel:                  +95 (0) 1 245939
        Email:            josephmgwin@gmail.com 

b). Office for Interreligious Dialogue – Msgr. Charles Bo
        Secretary         Fr. Marco Tin Win
        Address          Priests' Centre
                                 Corner of 25th & 81st Str., Mandalay
        Tel:                 02-31852
        Email:            interfaith@gmail.com 

7. Episcopal Commission for Evangelization 
– Msgr. Charles Bo
  1. Office for New Evangelization  – Msgr. Charles Bo
  2. Office for Culture and Inculturation – Msgr. Charles Bo
  3. Office for Mission Outreach Msgr. Matthias U Shwe

8. Episcopal Commission for Social and Human Development

a). Office for  Peace building and Justice    - Msgr. Raymond Saw Po Ray

        Director        Fr. Thomas Htang Shan Mong, M.S
                                CBCM, 292 (A) Pyay Road
                                Sanchaung P.O, Yangon 11111
        Tel:                  95-1-523550
        Eamil               justicepeacecbcm@gmail.com
Office for Public Relations – Msgr. Charles Bo

c).  Office for KMSS, Caritas - Karuna Myanmar Social Services      Msgr. Raymond Sumlut Gam
        Director        Dr. Win Tun Kyi
        Animation    Fr. Amalraj Chinnappan, SJ
        Address:      CBCM, 292/A, Pyay Road
                               Sanchaung P.O.11111, Yangon
        Tel:                01-705839 (Office)
                              01-539277 (Director)
        E-mail:        kmss.adm@gmail.com

9. Episcopal Commission for Laity
  1. Office for Family
  2. Office for AsIPA 
  3. Office for Women
  4. Office for Youth 

Episcopal Commission for CBCM-OTC (Theological Concerns)       
Episcopal Commission for Liturgy

Episcopal Commission for Biblical Apostolate
  1. Office for Bible Translation

13. Episcopal Commission for Integrity of Creation –
  1. Office for Stewardship of Creation
  2. Office for Globalization

14. Episcopal Commission for Tourism and Migration
  1. Office for Student Chaplaincy
  2. Office for Tourism & Pilgrimage
  3. Office for Sea-farers
  4. Office for Migrant Workers
  5. IDPS
  6. Refugees
  7. Human Trafficking

Episcopal Commission for Education
  1. Office for Professors & School Teachers
  2. Office for Student Chaplaincy

Episcopal Commission for Health Pastoral Care      
  1. Office for Myanmar Catholic HIV/ AIDS NETWORK    
  2. Office for Medical Doctors & Nurses

17. Episcopal Commission for Literature
  1. Office for Translation Works of Church Documents
  2. Office for Writing Theological, Philosophical Books and other Church related literature

National Director       
    Fr. Callistus Saw Eh Mwee
    Address      292 (A) Pyay Road
                      Sanchaung P.O 11111
                      Yangon, MYANMAR
    Tel:             95-01-516735
    Fax:           95-1-527198
    E-mail:       pmsmyanmar@gmail.com

The Pontifical Missionary Societies (P.M.S) form one institution comprising of four distinct branches:
  1. The Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith
  2. The Pontifical Society of Holy Childhood
  3. The Pontifical Society of St. Peter Apostle
  4. The Pontifical Missionary Union

            Palazzo di propaganda Fide

            Via Propaganda
            1/c - 00187 ROMA, ITALY

 1.    His Exc. Msgr. Protase Rugambwa(President of the P.M.S ) 
        General Secretariat     
        Rev. Fr. Timothy Lehane Barrett,
        Secretary General     
        Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith

 2.    Dr. Baptistine J. Ralamboarison
        Secretary General
        Pontifical Society of Holy Childhood

 3.    Rev.Msgr. Jan Dumon
        Secretary General       
        Pontifical Society of St. Peter Apostle

 4.    Rev. Fr. Vito Del Prete P.I.M.E
        Secretary General
        The Pontifical Missionary Union

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