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Bible Commission

Episcopal Commission for Biblical Apostolate:

Chairman        :    Bishop Basilio Athai

Coordinator     :    Sr. Tammy Saberon, SSC

Bible Translation In-Charge     Fr. John Aye Kyaw

Address         C B C M
                     292/A Pyay Road    
                     Sanchaung P.O, Yangon 11111
                     Tel: 0973199542

Background of the basic bible seminar

In response to the demand of the Council of Vatican II Constitution on Divine Revelation or Die Verbum #22 “Easy Access to Sacred Scripture must be provided to all levels of the faithful.” Sr. Henrieta, OSB and Fr. Ludger Feldkaemper, SVD from Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines, designed a seminar, a Biblical Pastoral Approach, on the Bible called Basic Bible Seminar. In 1979, the Basic Bible Seminar was given to the different Archdioceses and Dioceses in the Northern Philippines, attended by all levels of the faithful: Archbishops, Bishops, priests, sisters and lay. Since then the Basic Bible Seminar has been given to countless people specially the grassroots all over the Philippines. The BBS as it is now popularly known has reached far and beyond the confines of Northern Philippines and is presently offered in such places like, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Zaire, American Samoa, Papua New Guinea, now in Myanmar among others. As a consequence, the Basic Bible Seminar handbook has been translated into a number of foreign languages and one of these is Jinghpaw. In 2008 the BBS handbook is printed in Burmese language.

Making the Word of God Alive ….

Sister Tammy B. Saberon, Columban Sister, got involved in forming Basic Bible Seminar Core Team and Bible Facilitators’ Core Team in Northern Philippines in 1980 prior to her first mission assignment to Hong Kong in 1982. Her experience in helping people to love the Word of God has opened her eyes that there is indeed a hunger for the Word of God among us Catholics. Those who have joined the Basic Bible Seminar surprised their families when they were seen reading the Bible and praying with it. They were suspected then of having joined the Born Again, the non denominational Christian groups or having joined the Protestant denominations. Why was it surprising for them? It is because seldom do they see Catholics reading and praying with the Bible. Joining the Bible Sharing among the lay people has deepened her relationship with the Lord and with the people to whom she ministers as she journeys with them in their joys, successes, failures, dreams, problems and difficulties in life. It has deepened her love for the Word of God and her commitment to make the Word of God Alive in the lives of people. Sister Tammy is a graduate of the Biblical Pastoral Course (Dei Verbum) in Nemi, Rome (1990).

Basic Bible Seminar (BBS) in Myanmar

Sister Tammy B. Saberon, arrived in Myitkyina in 2001. After having dialogued with Bishop Paul Grawng, she gave the First BBS in English to 35 priests, sisters and lay people. A series of BBS followed after in many parishes in Myiktyina Diocese that led to the establishment of the Biblical Pastoral Center in Myiktyina.

Bishop Sotero Phamo, the then Chairman of the Episcopal Commission for Biblical Apostolate, knew about the Biblical Pastoral activities in Myitkyina prompted him to invite Sr Tammy to speak to the Bishops Conference in June 2005. In 2006, Sr Tammy was appointed by the Bishops’ Conference as the National Coordinator for Biblical Pastoral Ministry. Since Sr Tammy took the role in 2007, there were many developments happened in the field of Biblical Pastoral Ministry in Myanmar.





The Basic Bible Seminar is an introductory course on Sacred Scripture for all levels of the faithful. It consists of group activities, conferences and celebrations geared towards making the Bible one’s basic prayer book and book of life and geared towards building Christian communities based on the Word of God.

II. Objectives: The Basic Bible Seminar
  • Meeting a current need among Christians everywhere namely: their hunger for the word of God in Sacred Scripture;
  • Helping people get into the habit of prayerful reading the Scriptures, thus making the Bible their basic prayer book and
  • Providing an initial experience of the Word of God in community with the hope of motivating people to gather in groups for regular Bible Sharing, thus building Christian communities based on the Word of God.

III. Aims of this seminar?

1. To learn to appreciate and to read the Bible regularly.

2. The experience the value and riches of the Word of God in community and its power to build Christian community.

3. To deepen and strengthen our Christian faith through prayerful reading and sharing of God’s Word.

4. To make the Bible our book of life by discovering how it gives meaning to our life and by living God’s message contained in Sacred Scriptures and

5. To form Bible sharing.


Objectives of Bible Facilitators Seminar

1. The formation of Bible Facilitators / Animators the diocese or parish.

2. A spiritual and communal enrichment Program for those who have done BBS.
- Having drank the water of life – the Word of God, BBS participants thirst and hunger for deeper experience of the Word of God and wanting to learn more skills on becoming Bible Facilitators.
- Providing them with knowledge and skills for the ongoing formation as Bible Facilitators, participants will be equipped in their understanding of essential facts and realities of life and be able to respond to these facts and realities with new insight, approach and challenge.

3. A renewal for a deeper understanding of their commitment made during the Basic Bible Seminar.