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Education Commission





















































Board of Trustee









Advisory Board



Program Coordinator

Human Resources, Admin & Logistic Officer

Diocesan Education Coordinators

Finance Assistant


Assistant Office Staff



















Board of Trustee

Bishop Sotero Phamo - Chairman / President

Fr. Joseph Yung Wa - Director of Myintgyina Education Commission

Mrs. Lucrecia Naw Kyu Khin - Director of Episcopal Commission for

U Tin Myint - State Judge (Rtd.)

Fr. Noel Aye - Director of Yangon Archdiocese Education Commission 

Daw Rose Mary - Emergency & Relief Coordinator – KMSS


Advisory Board

Fr. Aniceto Dereh -

Rev. Kya Moo - Program Coordinator of SAAM/MyanDHRRA

Fr. Henry Ei Khlein - Director of KMSS-Pathein

Sr. Angela – CANOSSIAN (Daughter of Charity)

Sr. Theresa Ling -  (Sister of St. Joseph)










































Episcopal Commission for Education envision itself to be an institution that will produce human resources equipped with human values, critical minds and fully prepared to take on their role and responsibility as effective person  and good citizenship.



The Episcopal Commission for Education (ECE) gives technical support, advice to the dioceses and agencies involved in education and support them in their programmes and institutions.



The ECE is assigned to the following tasks and purposes:


1. Promotion of innovative teaching and learning at schools, and of educational reform at boarding houses.

2. Qualification of teachers, educators and trainers in their resp. professional fields.


3. Elaborating modules, curricula, and training instruments for the training of teachers and educators.


4. Coordinating and promoting the above endeavours of dioceses, parishes, congregations and other holders.


5. Cooperating in the above fields with national and international agencies by exchanging ideas, material and personnel.


6. Collecting and providing educational information and statistics; carrying out field and case studies


—        Child rights

—        Right to education

—        Quality of basic formal education

—        Professionalism of teachers and educators

—        Equal access to education of girls and boys, in rural and urban areas, of minority and majority peoples








Episcopal Commission for Education ECE is currently running two programs. One program is called PRIMARY EDUCATION program and another is FORMATION OF EDUCATORS FOR THE BOARDING HOUSES program


The Primary Education Program comprises of 3 parts. First, the diocesan staff receiving TOTs (Training of Trainers) where the staff are trained for conducting various trainings such as Community Teachers training, Refresher trainings, Workshop for leaders, Parents Education trainings. Second, the diocesan trainers/staff who had attended the TOT conduct those trainings to the teachers, leaders and parents in communities. Third, ECE trainers and staff in collaboration with diocesan staff conduct the monitoring trip to the selected community schools and villages.


Type of Trainings




TOT for Trainers


Community Teachers Training TOT(Part 1 & 2)

Diocesan trainers/staff

One month

National Level


Refresher Training TOT

Diocesan trainers/staff

7 days

National Level


Workshop for Leaders TOT

Diocesan trainers/staff

5 days

National Level


Parents Education Training TOT

Diocesan trainers/staff

5 days

National Level

Workshops and trainings


Community Teachers Training  (Part 1 & 2)

Community teachers

One month

Diocese level


Refresher Training

Community teachers who completed training part 1&2

7 days

Diocese level


Workshop for Leaders

Principals, School board and trustee, village leaders

5 days

Diocese level


Parents Education

Parents from community

5 days

Village level

Any diocese which is running education program may request for the diocese level and village level training and workshops. However, it is required of sending the written proposal to ECE office minimum of one month ahead before the training date.



This FED program is implemented in collaboration with Canossian Sisters and volunteer teachers/trainers from Singapore. Therefore, in nature only female participants are eligible to apply for this program.

This program comprises of three levels. Level one, in the beginner level participants need commitment to serve as boarding house staff/teacher for 2 years and have to spend nine months with inclusive of one month practicum for the training.

Staff/teachers who have completed 1 year of service in the prior-planned boarding houses are called for intermediate level for 45 days. They are sending back to respective boarding house after the 45 days training. They must serve the boarding house for another one year.

Those who have accomplished two years commitment may join advance level of FED program. Advance level is design for one month and after completion of the training some of the participants will be chosen as Potential core trainer to work with current trainers.

Participants for FED program are called from different dioceses under Catholic Bishops Conferences of Myanmar. The proportion is two participants for each diocese but more participants may be considered when some dioceses fail to send the participants. Participants must have minimum nine standards of education and age must be within 18 – 25. Screening process is done by personal interview. Priority may be given to maturity and healthiness of the participants.

Any application form must prove the support of supervisor concerned and certification for employment of applicant after one has been trained. 


Overview of tentative schedule for FED program






Beginner Level (9 Months)

2 March

Application open

Forms are distributed to the dioceses via bishops, priests, sup



2nd week May

Application close

At ECE office, Yangon



2nd week of June


At ECE office, Yangon



After one week

Notification of new participants



Last week of July

Program start

FED training center



4th Week of July –Mid Dec

Phase 1




Mid Dec-End Dec

X’MAs Holiday

Go home and practice



Jan - Mid Feb

1½ month practicum

What they’ve learned with children from boarding house

Mid Feb – mid May

 Phase 2




Mid May

Program End/ Graduation




Intermediate Level (45 Days)

1st week of Jan

Application open

Those who have completed beginner level and are serving at the boarding houses for 1 year

2nd week of March

Application close




1st week of  Apr

Program start




13 May

Program end




Mid May





Advance Level (One Month)


Application open




Mid May

Program start




Mid June

Program End




End June

Notification of the selected potential core trainers and Graduation



Source of Funding

Episcopal Commission for Education currently has only two donors which are Misereor Kinder Mission Wert. In the coming future ECE-CBCM is a Partner of AsiaDHRRA (Asia Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas) and will be a member of European Aids soon. 



Episcopal Commission for Education is located in the Catholic Bishops Conference Myanmar compound. Due to the space of the office ECE has to keep the size of the staff small. The profile of the staff is as follow.


Director                                                                       Mrs. Lucracia Naw Kyu Khin

Program Coordinator                                                   Naw Lois Kyaw

Human Resource, Admin & Logistic Office                Ms. Julis

Accountant                                                                  Mu Gratia

Assistant Office Staff                                                 Mr. or Mrs. or Ms (Part time)



The mailing address of Episcopal Commission for Education is No 292 (A) Pyay Road, Sanchaung Township, PO 11111, Yangon. The contact phone number is (01) 514907, Mobile Number 094 100 8494.


Networking Groups


UNICEF, Yinthwe Foundation, Dioceses Education Commissions, Diocesan Parishes, CANOSSIAN SISTER (Daughter of Charity),  Infant Jesus Sisters (IJS),  Myanmar Baptist Convention, Karen Baptist Convention, Myatta Foundation, International Congregations, Local Congregations, Monastic Education Groups, Karuna Myanmar Social Services Groups (Pathein, Pekhon, Taungngu, Loikaw, Lashio, Kengtung), PAO National Organization (Peace Group), Kayan Pyin Thit (Cease Fire Group), Food Security Working Group (FSWG).