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The History

After the nationalization in 1965, the Religious Major Superiors had no proper premise for their annual or semi-annual gathering'

Later, the Archbishop V. Bazin accommodated them in the hall of the Minor Seminary attached to the Archbishop's House on Theinbyu Road, for some years gathered at the Christian Brother's place and for several years at the St. Francis Convent for such occasions.

The Inauguration of the CRCM Centre was on Monday the 13th June, 1988.The target of the Centre would be a House of Prayer and Spiritual Animation for all the Religious in the country like a sort of budding flower bed for the church of Myanmar.


  1. To promote union among the different Religious Congregations in Myanmar
  2. To study common problems and act with unity.
  3. To provide formation for our young religious, and also to continue formation for all religious



  • To foster the growth of religious life in depth
  • To promote an effective presence in the apostolate in the various religious Congregations and the Societies of Apostolic Life
  • To enhance co-operation among all religious congregations and the Societies of Apostolic Life as well as with the Bishops' Conference


Since the time of the foundation of the Religious Conference of Myanmar, the courses run by this Conference have been strengthening, feeding, liberating and helping Religious to grow deeper in the relationship with God.

Religious situation in Myanmar. Currently there are altogether 11 Men Religious Congregations and 26 Women Congregations present in this Country. Recent Statistics show that there are 260 Men (Fathers and Brothers) and 2134 Women Religious,  who are well spread out in all the 16 Dioceses in Myanmar. Their main apostolic activities consist in helping out in the Dioceses and in the Parishes, running boardings and Orphanages, hostels for boys and girls, taking care of the elderly, the sick and the invalid, running Dispensaries, catering Day school centres and varied other pastoral and missionary activities as need arises.

Almost all these Congregations and Orders are having sufficient growth in the number of vocations throughout the various formation stages. Till some two decades ago all the Religious Men/ Women were only indigenous. Only of recent date some Foreign Religious Men/ Women succeeded in entering into Myanmar and today these are also increasing in numbers though there still exist some obstacles and hurdles for these foreign missionaries to remain permanently in the Country and do the type of work they wished to perform.

At the Regina Mundi Renewal Centre, which is the headquarters of the CRCM twice a year (in the month of January and June) there is held the General Convention for all the Major Superiors of all the Congregations.

This General Convention consists:
  • Selecting a suitable THEME TO BE STUDIED AND DISCUSSED  together  by all the Participants
  • Regularly inviting two Bishops from the CBCM to the General Convention to give the participants some insights on  some relevant issues
  • Sharing  information on the various activities and ministry done by various Religious Groups
  • Reports given on the Administration of the CRCM and other sectors
  • Finally drawing up an Action plan for the next General Convention
        Catholic Religious Conference of Myanmar
        112 (A), Bogyoke Street, Latha Township
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