Pontifical Council for SC

Pontifical Commission for Social Communications
On January 30, 1948, by Letter Protocol No. 153.561 from the Secretariat of State of Pope Pius XII, the Pontifical Commission for the Study and Ecclesiastical Evaluation of Films on Religious or Moral Subjects was established.
On September 17, 1948 Pope Pius XII approved the Pontifical Commission for Educational and Religious Films and extended to radio, television and film in 1952.
After consultation with the Bishops and the Catholic organizations concerned, the name of the Commission was once more changed, this time to the Pontifical Commission for the Cinema, Radio and Television, the statutes of which were approved by the Supreme Pontiff on December 31, 1954 and published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.
In 1959 the commission becomes a permanent institution within the Vatican structure working under the Secretariat of State.
His Holiness Paul VI transformed the existing Commission into the Pontifical Commission for Social Communications on 2nd April 1964, responsible for dealing with all the problems raised by the cinema, radio, television, OCIC, UNDA, UCIP (Union Catholique Internationale de la Presse)  and the daily and periodical press in relation to the interests of the Catholic religion.   

Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli
(Titular Archbishop of Cluentum)


- Bishop Pierfranco Pastore  (Titular Bishop of Forontoniana)

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