Diocese of Pekhon

Diocese of Pekhon


Date of Birth: : 15.01.1952
Ordained Priest: : 18.03.1981
Ordained Bishop: : 15.12.2001
Elected Bishop of Pekhon : 15.12.2005
Installed Bishop of Pekhon : 01.04.2006
Tel : : 081-56315/ 081-56316
E-mail: : hlabp07@gmail.com
Address : Bishop's House, Pekhon 06061

Southern Shan State, Myanmar.
Tel  : 081-56315 / 081-56316
Vicar General  : Fr. Aniceto Dereh Day 
Chancellor  : Fr. Angelo Tin 
Procurator  : Fr. Giovanni Ngwe 

"LOVE ONE ANOTHER" (John; 15; 12)

A Holistically developed and peaceful Diocese with fullness of life!
- Spiritual Apostolate 
- To serve God and HIS people with faith, hope and love 
- To witness the Gospel value by living the spirit of Christ 
- To re-evangelize the Diocese by discerning the Christian value through prayer and Eucharist 
- Social Apostolate 
- To live in unity, peace and justice 
- To promote integral social development through cooperation and collaboration
- To respond to the needs of the poor and the marginalized
- To promote the stewardship of God's creations


Area  : 10,150 sq. miles
Civil population  : 256,000
Catholic population  : 45,734
Parishes  : 12
Priests  : 44
Religious Sisters  : 48
Man religious  : 5
Catechists  : 144
Zetamans (Little Evangelizers)  : 40
Major seminarians  : 17
Minor seminarians  : 64
Catholic Actions  : 2,806
St. Anne’s Association  : 3,097
Catholic Youths  : 3,043
Daughters of Mary  : 1,807
Holy Childhood  : 5,980
Foundling Homes  : 2
Rosary Association  : 150
St. Theresa’s Government Employee  : 165

Brief History
The Diocese of Pekhon, where the evangelization works started by PIME Missionaries in the late 19th century, initially belonged to the Archdiocese of Taunggyi. As the mission territory was far distant and the number of believers was considerably increasing, it was established a Diocese by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, on December 15, 2005, as a Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Taunggyi. It was inaugurated by His Grace Msgr. Salvatore Pennacchio, the Apostolic Delegate to the Union of Myanmar, on April 1, 2006. Msgr. Peter Hla, who was consecrated the Auxiliary Bishop of Taunggyi in 2001, was installed as its first Ordinary on the same day.

Diocesan Profile

Pekhon Diocese is situated in the Southern part of Shan State, in the Eastern part of Myanmar. There are 5
townships in the Diocese and they are Pekhon, Pinlaung, Naungtaya, Hsi Hseng and Maukmai. Pekhon Diocese overs an area of about 10,150 square miles, and is mostly hilly and mountainous. It has borders with Taunggyi Diocese in the East and in the North, Mandalay Diocese in the West, Loikaw Diocese in the South and Taunggyi Diocese in the South West. The approximate population in Pekhon Diocese is about 253,000. Buddism is the predominant religion whereas Christianity, animism and a few other religions are minority. There are many ethnic minorities in Pekhon Diocese: Shan, Pa-Oh, Intha, Kayan, Kayah, Lisu and so on.

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