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posted Oct 4, 2014, 7:54 PM by Myanmar Signis
The Catholic Bishops' Conference of Myanmar- Office of Social Communications is conducting two seminar on "Formation Program in Social Communications". The first group is on 29thSeptember to 3rd October 2014 for the Diocesan Social Communication Directors, Religious and lay leaders at Catholic Bishops' Conference with 55 participants and the other is  on 2nd to 4th October 2014 for 150 Major Seminarians of  St. Joseph Major Seminary, Yangon, Myanmar. The opening keynotes was delivered my His Excellency Bishop Peter Hla, President of Social Communications in Myanmar  he mentioned mainly the objective of the Seminar.

These are Objectives:

·   To examine social communication and its role in the life of the individual, community and Church.    

· To re-think social communication in diocesan communication centers, formation houses, parishes and educational institutions through understanding the new realities that challenge the Church in Myanmar.

· To enable the participants to understand the new media scenario in Myanmar, in the region and reflect on the future trends.

· To equip the participants with communication and media skills to be effective formators of youth and parishioners in general.

 At the end of the training, the participants would be able to:

·   To see the central role of Communication in the Mission of the Church  and Understand the power of media and its influences on people’s lives.  We could critically analyze the media products

·   e will acquire media skills to communicate more effectively and make teaching and learning more interesting and creative and realize the need for greater attention for social communication in formation.

· and lastly to appreciate the need for a high level of competency to handle the issues and complexities of communication in a media mediated world.

Our Resource Persons are from Asia/Pacific Communication Network (ACN)

1.      Professor Chainarong Monthienvichienchai – Thailand

2.      Fr. Jerry Martinson SJ – Taiwan

3.      Fr. Jude Botelho – India

4.      Dr. Jose de Mesa – Philippines

5.      Dr. Sikares Sirakan – Thailand

6.      Augustine Loorthusamy – Malaysia


Yours in Christ

 Fr. Leo Mang ( SDB)

National Director