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posted Aug 11, 2015, 8:10 PM by Myanmar Signis

CCAA Flood Donation

The acronym 'CCAA' stands for 'Catholic Creative Artists' Association'. This organization was founded on 24th August 2012 under the spiritual guidance of Cardinal Charles Bo. A Chin Priest, Rev.Fr. Leo Mang (SDB) is given the task to operate the association and Daw Nwe Yin Win is elected as President to connect with Fr. Leo on the daily activities on spiritual and secular works and also to the needs and welfare of the organization, CCAA.

Currently, Myanmar is hard hit by natural catastrophic disaster where the cyclonic precipitation and the seasonal monsoon rainstorm combined and structured into crashing force of torrential rain sweeping across the country and very soon the downpour curved into a deluge and caused overwhelming flooding throughout the nation, especially those states and divisions inhabited by the poor level of populace. The water rises to 12-feet and reached to a thundering level of 27-feet. Levees (embankments) collapsed, village after village, city after city but save for Yangon all went underwater. There are displaced people affected by the unyielding flood. Animals found no high land to take refuge and the dove finds no rest for the sole of her foot. Roads and air transport became inaccessible to the affected areas. All lives are in desperate predicaments to survive. A frantic cry for help echoes around the walls of the country. Media and several humanitarian (Karuna) private groups responded witho

ut reservation to this pathetic call and donated in kind and cash to the victims and some very passionate high profiles individuals got themselves personally and physically involved in helping the helpless.

Chin Hills is one of the worst regions hard hit not only for being remote but made even ever worst as transport is inaccessible for relief aid to reach the Hills.
CCAA receives a written appeal from Msgr. Felix Lian Khen Thang (Bishop of Kalay Diocese) for an emergency respond and relief service for flood victims who are desperately in want of food, medicine, drinking water and other basic needs. At an impromptu notice CCAA started their relief engine and ThanThar Win (in charge of CCAA finance) advertised for donation on her Facebook timeline. CCAA members personally collected from the doors of the generous donors a total of Ks-7,000,000 (70-lakhs).

CCAA President, Daw New Yin Win, handed over the cash of Ks 70-lakhs to Fr. Dominic at the head Office of CCAA . Fr. Dominic will tele-remit the money from Yoma Bank (Yangon) to the corresponding bank at Kalaymyo to the account of Msgr.Felix Lian Khen Thang. The money will be used to all the flood victims at Chin Hills irrespective of creed, race or colour. The rationale of this humanitarian work is to mitigate suffering, pain and to save life. Saving one life is saving mankind.

Rev.Fr.Leo and Daw New Yin Win (President) and all CCAA members truthfully like to thank all generous donors and regret their inability to thank them individually. CCAA would also like to recognize those who in their thoughts share the victims' plight and remembering them in their prayers for a speedy rehabilitation. Finally but not less important, CCAA wishes to show their appreciation to the Foreign and Korean Communities and all parishioners of St. Augustine's Church for their support in cash against the struggle of the flood victims.

(The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18.)

Credit to  Albert Begent's post.