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New Delegate's First Speech

posted Jan 20, 2013, 10:05 PM by Myanmar SIGNIS   [ updated Feb 13, 2013, 6:46 AM by Myanmar Signis ]
The New Apostolic Delegate to Myanmar His Grace Archbishop Paul Tschang In-Num's speech at the welcoming ceremony. (7.1.2013 CBCM)

Reported by Fr. Leo Mang ( sdb) SC Director)

Dear Bishops, Fathers, Sisters and brothers and sisters in Christ, this is my first visit to your country Myanmar and I am very glad to be with you this evening I will say something what I feel in my heart.

First of all I am very grateful to warm welcome and regards to all and also a magnificent gift that you pay this evening and
also for a beautiful song that you have sang. All these expressions I recognized and go first of all to the Holy Father I represent to this country. The Holy Father Benedict the XVI appointed me Apostolic Nucio…on the 1st August. And obedience to His will I am here….and in relation I am the first Asian Origin Nuncio in your country. I am afraid that you have a high expectation. But it is an Asian, maybe I am very close to your mentality to the way of thinking and believing. At the other side, as Asian…there are advantages and disadvantages Also our limitations. So I need your help, your prayers and brotherly advices, so I ask your brotherly collaborations. And I will ask you Be sincere with me. When you need to say something, some questions, some suggestions I will welcome all your advices.

And also here when I arrive I noticed the program that you put visit to the Korean community as well. I was a little bit a surprised when I saw the visit to Korean Community in my first Official visit to Myanmar. But you know it   I am from Korea, from South Korea. My families originally from the north, my parents move to the down south when the communist regime was placed in the north. So I myself born in South Korea and grown up and then since I am here I will try also make a bridge not only between the Holy See and Myanmar but also with the local Church in Korea and local Church in Myanmar. So whenever is there anything I can do with these sense please don’t hesitate.

Here with our students, your song this evening “We are Christian for the whole world” is very meaningful that is a kind of guidance for our work in this country. We are not only for our country but we are Christians for the whole world.
Just before concluding my words and Thank you, I express my gratitude to all of you and each one of you THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

This is the Tentative program of Apostolic Nucio’s Visit in Myanmar.

7th January 2013    
-  13:45     - Arrival at Yangon International Airport
- 18:30     - Welcoming and Dinner at

8th January 2013   
-  06:15 -  Concelebration of the Holy Eucharist with The Bishops at CBCM
- 09:00  - Opening and Talk to the General Assembly of the Bishops of Myanmar
- 15:00  - Visit and talk to the CRCM
- 18:00    - Visit to and Holy Eucharist with The Korean .

9th January 2013   
-  06:30     - Holy Eucharist at National Catholic Major Seminary
- 17:30    - Welcoming and Holy Mass at St. Mary Cathedral.

10th January 2013   
- 08:30    - Visit to Shwedagon Pagoda
- 12:00     - Leave for Yangon International Airport.

       Fr.  Leo (sdb)
(All for One, 1 for All!)